WHERE??? 2022: 
The Dimensions of Now:
Post-Internet / Post-Earth


Portals have various meanings. They can represent pathways leading to different spaces, times, or worlds. Art historically, a portal refers to the entrance to a church, further acting as
a portal from the secular world into the sacred, but also as a physical barrier to be passed through. The exhibition The Dimensions of Now. Post-Internet / Post-Earth investigates the relationship of technology, nature and humans - between what is physical and what is intangible - through artistic pathways and portals conceptualized by four female artists. The works present portals to different realities: virtual and physical, past and future, anthropomorphic and technological, and post-apocalyptic. The choice of which portal society decides to go through is up to us. Artists exhibiting are Hannah Neckel, Sarah Rechberger, Michaela Putz, and Magdalena Heller.

September - December 2022


Maysedergasse 2/28, 4th floor, 1010 Vienna, Austria